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Bodyshop of the Future.

with Andrew Hooker

(Advanced Repair Study Manager at MIRRC Thatcham)

A front row seat looking inside the Bodyshop of the future, which is not to be missed by the modern assessor.

Vehicle construction and design has changed dramatically over the last five years, with what was once considered exotic materials now common place in everyday vehicles.

Andrew explores the complexities of the future vehicles, and how we an an industry should prepare for a change in innovation in build and also repair.

Andrew Leads a dedicated team  of professionals who tackle the most challenging technological issues in the industry, to enable the UK repair sector to be better able to adapt and efficiently repair the cars of today and the future. In partnership with vehicle manufacturers, OEM, suppliers, insurers, and the repair sector (franchise and independent), Identifying and developing repair processes and the correct level of supporting tools, equipment and data to maintain and support the UK independent repairer network.

Bringing awareness to allow the UK independent repairer network to manage advancing vehicle body structure and joining strategies, high-energy and alternative power trains, and Advanced Driver Assistance systems and other emerging technology.  

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