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Innovation is key

FAB Recycling has invested a considerable amount in both time and money in developing its concepts. These are genuine innovations and always with the customers best interests at the very heart.

 Mygreenfleet is an established industry leader in the supply of green parts to the UK’s fleet and crash repair markets, its customers have been secured by a combination of FAB’s quality of parts and reliable customer service which matches if not exceeds that of the dealer networks. This has been a hard won battle, years later Mygreenfleet is still developing innovative ways to improve the pre-owned parts supply chain. FAB are at the forefront in developing an industry “green parts” grading system, working closely with the American ARA (Automotive Recycling Association) utilising their well-established worldwide recognised damage locator. FAB are introducing this system to their customers nationally, and presenting it at every opportunity to encourage its acceptance here in the UK. Establishing an industry standard is one of the keys to the future success of green parts utilisation within the insurance industry repair networks.

Security of vehicles and customers brand protection, ethical vehicle disposal and achieving the very highest returns remain FAB’s focus. Dedicated management supporting MI, unique in the UK and delivered at the touch of a button to fleets and bodyshops throughout the British Isles adds to the Mygreenfleet package.

The UK’s emergency services have experienced those benefits, their savings are well published. Savings now standing at over £3 Million and climbing.  This initiative has the capacity to completely wipe out the loss’s incurred by owners against PAV.  

FAB and Mygreenfleet currently have clients, showing average returns on PAV’s in the late 50’s %.  With some now achieving in excess of 100% of write off PAV value returned, these levels of return are unprecedented.  E.g.  Write off £100K in PAV vehicles annually and receive in excess of that back by exploiting the parts that all vehicles submitted under contract can provide.

FAB now have many household named corporate fleets capitalising on the use of green parts; Reduced parts costs, reduced VOR times (especially on back order situations), paint and livery savings, improved vehicle retention on fleet (less write offs).

Green parts help save vehicles of any colour! Bodyshops benefit greatly from the use of quality recycled non-safety related parts. Significant improved parts margins are achieved when using recycled parts to repair vehicles that are often deemed beyond economical repair, these vehicles are often saved when green parts are entered into the repair cost equation.

These types of repairs are often the ones that have safety related parts and many hours of labour associated to them. The bodyshop retains their margins on the most expensive parts, an improved margin on their green parts ordered and gains opportunities to work on vehicles that otherwise would have been taken away and written off.

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