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“The 2018 IAEA Awards dinner promises to one not to miss, please call back for more information as we release it, and if you are interested in our very limited sponsorship packages then get in touch asap!…..

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National Body Repair Association

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The running order


Networking and product demonstrations

IAEA president  

A look back on 2016 - a review of the market

A look inside the bodyshop of the future with an industry expert

AutoRestore expand on the mobile repair centre……

Enjoy lunch, Networking and live product demonstrations

A team of industry specialists discuss the possible way ahead

Tractable share with us the latest AI technology

David Cresswell / David Punter


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This is a draft agenda and subject to change.

The conference organisers reserve the right to change this running order without notice. However, will continue to update this information on a regular basis.